Prefabricated house on the Island

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Name: Prefabricated house on the Island
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Prefabricated house on the Island


Tiandi Prefab House is buit on a light steel skeleton surrounded by protective sandwich panels, can be simply assemble in modules, with the components screwed together, and can be quickly assembled and dismantled.

1. Energy saving & Eco-friendly - Repeatable use, no construction debris, environmental friendly.
2. Easy to load & delivery - 240 sq. m per 40 HQ.
3. Easy to assemble ad dismantle - 4 workers can install 120 sq. m house per day.
4. Flexible design - Various modular combinations can satisfy different requirements.
5. Safe & steady - Earthquake resisitance is Grade 7, Wind resistance is Grade 10.
6. Long life span - Over 15 year's life span by normal use, repeatable and recycled to use.


Prefabricated house

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