Steel Structure

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Name: Steel Structure
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The Steel Structure of Purple Lake Furniture Industrial Zone in Yushan——100 Million Projects,Creating the legend of Tiandi Company.

On June 16,2013, Among more than 30 bidding companies , Tiandi company stand out depend on their Professional、Strength and Team, Earn the support and trust of more than 60 owners, Successfully won the Yushan steel structure project. The project is the highest ever for an order of nearly 100 million . It’s a miracle !

Facing the huge amount of 210 thousand square meters steel structure, all the family members of the Tiandi company lift up all spirits and prepare.The relevant department heads have made various plans in consultation and get ready for everything. After the project officially started , the production director is sent to Yushan to monitor the progress of the work at all times. To ensure the quality and quantity are completed on time by May 25,2014.

Finally, the Tiandi company overcome the difficulty of tight time and large amount of engineering,won the unanimous praise of the owners, It also laid the groundwork for the company’s next miracle .


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