Shipping containers made into mobile homes and cozy shops

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Building homes and shops with shipping container houses is becoming more and more fashionable, and now more people are willing to try this method to change their lifestyle. In fact, shipping containers houses with fair prices can be made into not only movable homes and cozy shops but also other kinds of small and big buildings such as bars, kitchens, gas stations, toilets and so on. Now let’s check them out one by one.


shipping container house for living


This one is made of one shipping container, which looks not impressive but is easy to carry. And its inside it spacious and is equipped with the basic equipment for living. This is a small shipping container house, and so its price will not be so high. This is one sample just made in the factory.


shipping container house shops


Shipping containers can be made into movable shops, which can be carried to the street to sell food and drinks. It is convenient for both the buyers and the shopper.


shipping container house bar


Building a bar needs more labor as well as a luxurious and comfortable design. A bar is always bigger, and so it needs more larger shipping containers. 40ft shipping containers can be one of your most important concerns.


shipping container kitchen


A kitchen should always be somewhere clean and tidy. With large shipping containers, you can build up clean and tidy kitchens without too much trouble. More importantly, they can be moved according to you wish.


shipping container house gas station


You may have seen various steel and cement gas stations, while you may have never thought it is possible to build a small gas station with containers. Now it is your turn to find out the amazing truth.


shipping container house toilet


Shipping container houses can also be altered into toilets. They will never make you feel uncomfortable because their design is the same as those set in a tall building. Enjoy the shipping container toilet!

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