The water park in the container -- the construction of the Quartet swimming pool

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       Item name: swimming pool
Project time: May 2016
Project address: provinces and cities nationwide
Demand products: container
Demand: 150 sets (continued increase)
Project description:

▼Swimming pool effect diagram

Tiandi container and the Chinese Swimming Association Committee of the Standing Committee of the Jiangyin municipal swimming equipment Co., Ltd. Quartet cooperation, to undertake its national provinces and cities in the construction of the school swimming pool project overall solution

▼Building plan

▼The theme of the beach in the summer water park

Project a total of 150 sets, including shower room, locker room, room, hall and other ancillary facilities, the maximum to meet peak demand for public swimming pool room, beautiful and durable, the perfect combination of traditional aesthetics and architecture。

▼Simple and generous swimming room

The structure of the box adopts the waterproof patent design, which effectively improves the waterproof and moisture proof performance of the swimming room in the rainy environment。

▼Swimming pool overall picture

▼Unique waterproof design

▼Shower room

▼Locker Room

In a short period of production and installation of the smooth delivery of time, is the wisdom of heaven and earth have long insisted on the production principle.

The next day, made will follow the footsteps of the four swimming equipment, container as the theme of the swimming room as the auxiliary room water park, based in the country

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