Advantage of Steel Villa

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 Advantage of Steel Villa 


Steel is EconomicAs it is light, the investment cost is very low.Pre-production, manufacturing carrier components supply high quality with low price and reducing the contraction period a lot.  Steel has the highest ratio of carrying capacity and weight. 


With the high carrying capacity of steel, steel construction elements are manufactured in smaller sections and measures, light and perfect qualities. In steel constructions carrier components sizes are smaller than the wood and concrete constructions so than you gain more space. And this makes to use the construction area more efficient. Price balance and short construction periods enable people to settle in earlier and together with less rent, interest and low costs provide them an advantage.


Steel is resistant against earthquakes Steel is the most resistance construction material against earthquakes with its high strength, flexibility and lightness. Its lightness provides resist to shocks without breaking. 


The only factor to reduce the strength of an earthquake is to lighten the structure. Because the greater the mass of the structure, the earthquake force will be  the larger to be implemented on. Steel houses are nearly 5 times lighter than concrete buildings. This means the earthquake load of the building is 5 times less.Steel is environmentalistSteel is resistant and reusable material.  


The arising material from dismantling the Steel buildings can be recycled. A frame of a light steel building can be produced from 7-8 auto scraps. However, to built a similar structure from wood, approximately 50 trees should be cut.Steel is fastAs there is no need to use concrete except base and subbasement, steel construction mounting can be done very quickly without being bound to weather conditions. 


This allows to reduce the capital requirement and allows to decrease the construction costs. A mounting of a house of 200 m² can be completed in such a very short period of 7 days.Steel is a high quality materialSteel is an industrial product that produced in all determined specifications in all around the world with international standards and every step of the production the quality is under control and documented. 


Producer or user, can not intervene the physical properties of the material. Theoretical account values are exactly the same in practice. As nothing can be hidden in the concrete, it is always possible to check its compliance with the standards.Galvanized Steel is StainlessAs it is made of galvanized material  there is no need for undercoat, paint or aftercareIn light steel carrier production galvanized steel is used so than the corrosion resistance is very high and not rusting; does not crack as wood, no deflection over time or no infestation.(T.S. 11372) special galvanized raw materials is used.


Steel is flexibleWith its special design your villas buildings will be elegant, aesthetic and beautiful. Compliance of our rapidly changing lifestyle and place can be achieved more easily and economically in steel structures. According to the conditions that may occur after many years, the nonbearing walls can be removed or replaced according to your needs.


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