The mobile container cafe

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When the container meets the coffee shop,they combine great perfectly.

The best confession is the "no frontier".The travelers, and the road. On the road ,there is fragrant coffee incense and mixed visitors. There is a variety of scenery along the way. There is a vast world.The mobile
container cafe can give you the the beautiful life.



The mobile container cafe is dedicated to provide you with the best quality food right at your working space! It will visit you at your office, where you can select from a wide selection of Sandwiches, Salads, Pastries, Cakes, Meals, and all kinds of Soft drinks.The mobile cafe can also give you a short good rest.  



The mobile container cafe is a traveler. The song moves forward, the heart is moved.



The flip side wall of the mobile container cafe provides the best view of the view. Lifting is a resting place that blends with nature and closing is a tight private space. When lift it,The flap side wall turns into the eaves, the retractable desktop become the bar. Then with a couple of chairs, an open cafe is born.

The mobile container cafe is small,  but there is everything which should be haven. The first floor is a simple kitchen, there is refrigerator and bathroom equipment. The second floor are dormitories and lockers. Because the container cafe use the large French window ,the light can flow everywhere.



In the age of environmental protection, the mobile container cafe use solar panels to provide electricity and improve the water filtration system.

The mobile container cafe, as a traveler and the coffee, make the people full of happiness, make the world more beautiful.




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