Container House -------- Cooperation with Sinopec

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If time goes back to 2008, then we tell all people, we're going to cooperate with Sinopec , would you think we are dreaming ?
Not just you, even ourselves all think it is unbelievable !

At that time we have nothing at all , In order to save the cost we located our office next to the pig farm, But we never give up.

During those year, we have to admit that we can’t reach the Sinopec height . Sinopec is like a cloud in the sky , and we just like the mud cloud under the shadow of .

Today, Sinopec is still shining remarkable, At the same time, we have completed the evolution of growth

In 2010, Tiandi rely on their star products container activity room changed the online sales pattern of the colored steel industry , The same year, the Tiandi container house company has become China's color steel industry CCTV exclusive list enterprise.

In 2011, Became the world's top 30 supplier of Internet business

In this year, Sinopec and we have the first real intersection, in the first month, Sinopec ordered our steel structure, and then ordered a number of container house. For such a big customer, we have a lot of expectations, but also a lot of apprehension . finally , we did it .

Now, our office building located in the downtown area of the five grade a building, now we made a month to 1 hundred million orders record , now, Tiandi dormant for more than four years, once again standing proudly on the side of sinopec.

It is our pride to cooperate with such large companies as Sinopec. It is our pleasu
re to be valued by such a big company as sinopec.

In August 2013, Threre is a number of containers House from the Tiandi factory to Sinopec, Once more cooperation to let both sides have deep feelings, we finally understand that with someone who is stronger than you will make you stronger .

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