Chinese architecture newspaper’s chief editor Jianwei Wang came to Tiandi

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In the afternoon of November 30th, the “China Architectural newspaper” news group came to Suzhou Tianzhi to make a visit and communication. And had a on-site interview and reports on the construction of Burma project. The chairman of Tiandi:  Fangwe Yu, roll out the welcome mat and received an exclusive interview.

The “China Architectural newspaper” is edited by the Ministry of Construction China Building Decoration Association, approved by the N-P Pubns, which is a national industry newspaper  service to building, decoration, building materials, real estate and related industries, It is the award-winning project of the annual Chinese Architectural Decoration Award. The only publicity and announcement media of the enterprise,  also it is the only building decoration newspaper in China.

container house

 Assigned by the specialized agencies of  the Department of commerce, Suzhou Tiandi Group took the duty to produce container house(refugee resettlement house), to provide humanitarian material assistance to Burma government. Also had a great achievement in the following subsequent disaster relief and reconstruction work, it has also been wildly praised in all circles of society and was paid attention by the Chinese architecture newspaper.

At two o'clock in the afternoon,  chief editor of the China Architectural newspaper-Jianwei Wang , a special correspondent-Fei yu came to Tinadi . Had an exclusive interview with Chairman Fangwei Yu on the Burma project for two hours.

 During the interview, the news group of China Architectural newspaper did a detailed understanding of the Burma project and were full of praise for the flat pack containers which are represented by the refugee resettlement house. Jianwei Wang then asked some question about the categories and develop mode of Tiandi, after received the answers, Wang said that the market for refugee resettlement house is very board and Tiandi’s future is limitless.

 During the interview,  the chairman Fangwei Yu introduced the innovation of the product since 2002 and the development direction in the following 5 years, expounded the flat pack container’s present situation and prospect, and talked about the details of the problems and difficulties met in the production of this project, and finally confidently declared “Burma project is not only a challenge but also a opportunity for Tiandi.

After the interview, the news group came to the production base under the guidance of Fangwei Yu, and on-site assisted the construction process of the Burma project. Jianwei Wang gave a high praised to the energy of production group and the novel shape and unique function of the flat pack container.

It said that the Chinese architecture newspaper will continue report Tiandi in the following days. This interview will let more people know the characteristic and usage of refugee resettlement house, and let more people know that private enterprise also has a heart to service the society and world.


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