Modular container house is a perfect solution for the temporary building

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         Modular container house----Not every house can be moved

House is a place for human to live. With the continuous evolution of human, the shape of the house has been constantly changing.

From the cave, nest house in the primitive communes,  to the ground house in the Neolithic period, and to the palace and temple building , finally to the contending modern building, 3d printing building, wood structure building and movable modular container house. The material and artistic forms of the building have a great tremendous changes. And modular container house become a new favorite in the temporary building industry because of its convenient, environmental friendly and movable.

Modular container house is a kind of temporary building which can be move to everywhere and bring convenient and comfortable for people. The electricity of the house can be provided by the solar photovoltaic panels, and the solar water heater can be used to provide heating and hot water, the discharge of shower and daily water is purified by the sewage treatment system for next time use. According to the number of people, the house can be superposition or extended to different size.

Modular container houses are very suitable for temporary building and can be built almost everywhere.

Flat pack container is a prefect form of modular container house.

   Flat pack container is a kind of building pre-produced wall panels, roof frame, floor frame and column in the factory, can express the building theme through variety of combination. Can complete a dormitory building, an office building, a camp or a hotel in several house or days. Flat pack containers are fashionable , unusual and east for installation, move and transport.

   The modular container house can be transported over the world through flattening packaging,  also can be transported as installed (can be used directly by connecting water and electrical system), effectively save the cost of long-distance transport.

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