Temporary building area face a new reform

Viewnum:576   Release time:2018-01-05


                                  Many Prefabricated house collapsed in north China because of the snow disaster, Temporary building area face a new reform

  Recently, been affected by the cold air, China has been hit by a wide range of snowfall. The cold air southward is likely to cause serious snow disaster and ice flood disaster. Before the arrival of snow disaster, the production measures of the prefabricated house to protect the safety of the workers’ lives and property.

  In the current development in China, what we can see in the news is the frequent collapse of temporary prefabricated house. Under the premise that small bearing of prefabricated house, the foundation is not firm. The modular container house/flat pack container house  talent shows itself in the building industry and become the new favorite. It has 8 levels of earthquake resistance, 11 levels of wind resistance and more than 20 years of service life.


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