Morning meeting every Monday

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   Chairman Yu said that: “ everyone’s power is small in this world. Only we integrate into the team, go hard in a team can maximize our personal value and make your own excellence. A team is a group that is assembled to achieve a common goal, what is needed is solidarity

  What a team need is cooperation, complementary advantages, need solidarity, care and help, need stand together through storm and stress, through thick and thin! Who want to become a great man, only fight alone, with their fight a lone battle, it is impossible to be a big man. It must be integrated into the team, and with be help of the strength of the team.

  Next, Yu Cao the director of domestic trade, told the analysis and measures about how to complete the 3600 container house mission.

  Then, the director of foreign trade Allen Zhang, shared the importance of study and let us to know the adv and disadv of ourselves and correct shortcomings.

  Finally, ICT director Zhengyuan Zhou shared his learning experience and learned from the advantages of others to improve the existence of the problem.

  We believe that we will be able to unit and work together to complete the 3600 container house mission in 2018.


                                                            Chairman Yu


                               Director of domestic trade: Yu Cao


                                   Director of foreign trade: Allen


                                            ICT director: Zhou

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