Container house makes foreign entertainment colorful

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In Las Vegas city centre, there are more than 70 shipping container house as shopping attractions and entertainment centers. The specific opening hours are: Monday to Thursday, Sunday 11:00 to 23:00, Friday and Saturday. :00 - 0:00 the next day.
This new project was built in an abandoned parking lot and casino, but it has slowly become a unique landscape in Las Vegas. Here is a remodeled container activity room, friendly security personnel, hippie favorite small objects, forming the other side of Vegas. Exciting shopping center: Container Park is Las Vegas shopping attractions, including small boutiques, galleries, bars, restaurants, outdoor areas, entertainment and educational facilities, including dozens of fashion brands and Boutique restaurant. The 19,000-square-foot area has 30 containers and 41 multi-purpose boxes. Even if it is not a shopping center in the future, it can be successfully converted to other venues.

Committed to creating an entertainment and cultural center, the stage set up by the Center of the Square has become a venue for performances by the orchestra. Combining business with culture and entertainment is the goal of Container Park. Widely praised by tourists, become a new attraction to see tourists on the Raiders website how to say it! Howard G209 from Syracuse, New York, said: "I've heard that if you come to Las Vegas, it's worth a visit. From the Freemont st., you can find some very interesting shops and restaurants. I drank some drinks on an open-air platform and watched a local band perform. It was a fun pastime unlike in the casino. "Vinny_Vegas1 said:" Drive through here and look too cool." Oddspirit of Virginia said: “The shipping containers were changed to shops and restaurants. The center is a park for children to play with. There is a play facility at the center. At dusk, the ringing Bongo will wake up the guard at the entrance. He would spurt music from his tentacles with music, and it would become an adult-only facility after 9pm, playing again like a child in this park, or strolling and drinking. It's fun to listen to live music or something.”

Listening to so many people's comments, I have to think that this is a place where life is colorful, and that credit is due to who, of course, is the shipping container house. Without it, it cannot be transformed so beautifully and has entertainment. value.

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